The Last Presents- Dzosa Kangkolo in “AN ARTISTS JOURNEY TO THE TOP!”


Dzosa Kangkolo


(Words From Dzosa Kangkolo): My name is Dzosa Nkolo-Kangkolo and I am an artist. I was born in Africa, specifically Bota Limbe, south West Province, in Cameroon, West Africa. My toddler days in Africa were very scary for my family. I was diagnosed with an illness that made me very sick for a long period of time. The illness was so severe to the point that my parents didn’t know if I was going to survive. Ever since I was little drawing was the only thing that interested me. As a young boy I would draw everywhere I go. When we went out as a family I always took my papers and pencils with me, and found a quiet corner to draw while everyone else was enjoying themselves. At the age of five, we moved to America and my passion for art grew even more. One of the most pivotal moments of my early life, was in the third grade. My teacher foresaw that I had the potential to be a very good artist. Even then, I was so good in art that she told my mom that she would like me to be the illustrator in her book when she retired. A few years later my brothers and I moved to Georgia to live with our father for a year. As I grew up I began to lose my passion for art and venture off in different areas like sports, but because of how much I loved art, it always came back. The reason why I make artwork is to push the boundaries of what we believe is truth and false within the world we live in. I want to bring meaning to art in a way that has never been seen before through reaching the youths, my peers, and the elderly. My main goal as an artist is to influence the world we live in and challenge the way we think. I want my artwork to last centuries and effect people generations from now. My life has been an accumulation of the love I have for art and the role it has on my journey in life. I have faith that one day my work will not only speak for me but will speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.





“Dzosa Kangkolo has been a great asset to The Last Company & Clothing, and we are honored to have him onboard as our main artist. He fits our culture so well, we had to get him on the team after admiring the similar vision we both have for The Last.” – Rashad C. Luckett


Visual Art Pieces from Dzosa:

“Aiyana Stanley-Jones”

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

“Artrepreneur’s Ambition”

Artrepreneur's Ambition


“Empathy Michael Brown Jr.”

Empathy Michael Brown Jr

“Ermias Asghedom”

Ermias Asghedom

“Euphoric Emancipation”

Euphoric Emancipation

“Systematic Correcktionz”

Systematic Correktionz


“Tamir Rice”

Tamir Rice


“The Future”

The Future b&w


“The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey”

The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey



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