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Interview with RenegadeDaDon: 

Where are you from and how long have you been making music and rapping?


A: I was born in Plainview, Tx which is in West, Texas, but I’ve lived in a plethora of places such as Houston, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Chicago and Fort Worth.
I have been making music and rapping since I was about 20yrs old. I began writing music at about 15 or 16 yrs though. I just wrote it because I loved lyrics and thought I could be great at it.


What made you want to rap/produce music and who inspired you?


A: Uhhh I can’t really pinpoint it to one thing exactly but you could simply say expression. I know I have always had a different perception than most of the people I have known in my life. I don’t know if that has to do with the various places I’ve lived or just my outlook on life period. But I remember sitting in my apt room one night and my soul kinda just yelled at me and said the next lyrics you right are going to be your first official song. It took me about two hours and I penned the song “late night”. After that it’s funny how the universe has just presented me with all the tools needed to make music and continually has been giving me more and more. 
Nobody really inspired me to make music it has just been a calling you can say. But I am inspired by other artist who do make great music to continue making music and perfecting the craft along with them.


Who’s your favorite rapper/producer?


A: My favorite rapper of all time has to be Lil Wayne. He is the goat of my generation hands down, the work he put in it’s nothing less than legendary.
My favorite producer would have to be Kanye West. It may be cliche but the way he made his musical sound is nothing less than historic and beautiful. Pure genius.


What do you enjoy doing for fun during your free time and how often do you make music?


A:  During my free time I honestly like to just chill. Chilling can include self reflection, learning something new, watching favorite cartoons or just hanging out with friends. It varies.


What makes your music unique from other rappers?


A: My music is unique because I’m not trying to be anyone but myself. I’m not trying to impress anybody. What I’m simply trying to do is change the world and the thought patterns of the collective.


Explain to the audience about your new single Peace of Man?


A: The song is called the the “Peace of Man” but is actually a play on words also sounding like “Pizza Man” and “Piece of Man”. This is intentional, this idea came up because we worked at Pizza Hut as delivery drivers for a few years while in college. Tobi and I have had discussions and talks about how we have always had a inner calling to bring peace to humanity in any way we can whether it be music, being a good humanitarian, or just giving words of wisdom and encouragement. Thus came the tandem the “Peace of Man”, who are actual ‘pizza men’, that are actually just a piece of mankind. 

The song is produced by “Lasikbeats”, engineered by “Apollo Bangz”, and was written by me, RenegadeDaDon and Tobi Fadeyi.


Why do you think music is so important?


A:  Music is important because everything is music. The universe itself is simply music. The word “universe” actually means one song. Everything is sound and waves. So if I can create a certain sound and wave I can actually affect and change reality. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the kind of music you listen to because that type of music will become your reality and perception of the world. 


What distinguishes music from any other trade?


A: 8. Music is different from other trades because music in a sense doesn’t need to be taught. Any and everybody has their own music internally. Whether they decide to make it and put it out in the world is up to them. It can be humming, instruments, singing, rapping, yelling, etc. Like I said everything is sound, so everything is music.


Have you had the chance to collaborate with any famous producers or rappers lately?


A: I haven’t collaborated with any “famous” musicians or producers currently. But this is just one moment in time and I hope in the future I can change that.


Do you have any video projects in the vault right now that you plan on releasing anytime soon or any local shows coming up that you’re trying to be apart of?


A: I have a couple videos in vault that are for future projects but they are in vault locked up tight for the right time. I don’t have any shows coming up currently, but I did just perform at the prophet bar in Deep Ellum with good friends of mine known as King Babs and Galloways. They are talented musicians as well. Right now I’m in the last semester of getting my masters so I’m locking in to finish strong.


If you could give one piece of advice to the younger kids who are making music right now what would you tell them that you wish you would’ve known at their age?


A:  One piece of advice I would give to the youth that are making music is; “Don’t do this for anybody but yourself. When you make music for yourself that’s when you create the most relatable pieces of art.”


Lastly what was your favorite album this year so far and why?


A:  My favorite album personally would have to be “Everybody” by Logic. When I first heard it I knew it was good but a few months later it came on my shuffle and I was like damn. The thought and substance put into that album was phenomenal. It touched my soul and helped me as a person a lot, so relatable man. The lyrics are simple but so deep, shoutout to Logic for the one time. Kendrick’s “Damn” album would be my second favorite for the record.

RenegadeDaDon & Fade’s New Music Video Peace of Man





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