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First off lets just go ahead and put it out there, and I’m pretty sure its apparent to all of The Last’s fans that there was a lot of DOPE things that happened with the Tranquility collection. I’m going to give a quick run through of the new things that came with this collection that hasn’t happened in the past, then I’m going to elaborate on why this was EXCITING for me! First this was the first time we actually decided to go ahead and incorporate Women’s clothing in our online store. YAYYYYYYYY! You know we just can’t do it for en we have to do it for the ladies too. I feel like the color ways for our t-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies were coordinated very well with the garment we were printing on, which really brought the designs to life. In addition to this we incorporated a lot of different colors, which gave off that fall/winter feel towards our clothing.

Second we released a lot more different pieces for you all, because we wanted to give you options when you visit our online store. Maybe you don’t like to see a red design on a white t-shirt so you’d rather have that same design in navy on a grey t-shirt or vice versa. The purpose of this collection was to provide more clothing for all of you, but also provide you with DOPE quality clothing with not just T-shirts, but Long sleeves, Hoodies, and different style of T-shirts like our women’s V-necks.

Third our look book and products intertwined with the Fall/Winter look with some shots that we took at Lake Mineral Wells State Park, which is in Texas. We chose this place, because we were very intrigued with the mountain structures at the park, and also thought it’d be perfect for what we were trying to do with this collection with the forestry background and wild life animals that were around us. It really reflects our brand in a peaceful sense by being one with nature.

Lastly why did we decide to name this collection the Tranquility Collection?!? I’m sure this is something you all are trying to figure out. Right? Well let me answer that question for you. Tranquility is the state of calmness, peacefulness, and serenity among others. The word tranquility is a perfect reflection of our brand, and we emulated this through our look book, product shots, model selection, and products. What’s funny is the name kind of just came to me and I thought it was too perfect to not name it the Tranquility Collection. You know what your parents have always said back in the day, always go with your first instinct, and that’s exactly what I did.

I hope you all enjoyed our products from our Fall/Winter 16 Tranquility Collection.  There will be more to come following next year. STAY TUNED and sit tight, furthermore always remember BE YOU. BE ORIGINAL. BE THE LAST.

Rashad C. Luckett


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