A Skater Is Born featuring The Last’s Sponsored Skater Tanner Williams

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A Skater Is Born featuring Tanner Williams 

Lewisville Background

Interview with Tanner Williams: 

The Last: Where are you from and how long have you been skating?


Tanner: I am from a small town known as Laguna Park, Texas. It’s It around thirty minutes from Waco, Texas and south from where I currently reside in Lewisville, Texas. I have been skating for roughly eight years now.


The Last: What made you want to skate and who inspired you?


 Tanner: I watched one of Chris Coles’ parts from when he was skating for Zero, which really made me want to skate and get into the sport.


The Last: Who’s your favorite skater?


Tanner: Chis Cole, Corey Duffel honestly.


The Last: What do you enjoy doing for fun during your free time and how often do you skate?


Tanner: I write and record music, it’s “metal” music which I really love doing, I play drums and scream as well. I try to skate nearly everyday, but Texas and the unpredictable weather, sometimes that doesn’t happen all the time. 


The Last: Which parks do you like to skate at and why?


Tanner: I only skate at my local park, which is called “The Railroad Skatepark” which is in Lewisville, Texas.


The Last: Which trick are you most proud about that you’ve landed?


Tanner: My Dolphin Flip (forward flip) or my Fakie Double-Flip sex-change.


The Last:What makes Skating different from any other sport to you?


Tanner: It’s a sport where you can always have fun doing it, doesn’t matter if you’re just cruising, or going hard breaking sweat trying to land a difficult trick or make a line.


The Last: What’s the worst injury that you’ve had before from skateboarding?


Tanner: A couple of years back I was skating at the Railroad park, and a person collided into me, because he got in my way. I face planted and split my head open and broke my nose, that’s probably my worst injury. 


The Last: When do you think you’ll be releasing your video part for The Last Company & Clothing, any never before seen tricks or sketchy jumps you plan on putting in the video?



Tanner: I will be releasing my first video part within the next few months or so, and I’m very excited to do so. I will definitely have some complicated tricks in the video part and yes, probably some sketchy gaps and such.

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Tanner’s Social Media Accounts:

Snapchat: Walla-walla1337

Facebook: Tanner Joe Williams

Instagram: @Japhaer

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